THE LAND OF THE HORNBILL   Sarawak in poetry. borneo hornbill dreams of blue sarawak skies in low monsoon clouds Borneo hornbill was published in Three Line Poetry, Issue 39, 2016. _ _ _ Three Haiku and the Hornbill at Damai Central in the driest days hornbills wish for monsoon clouds in borneo skies _ _ _ young hornbills might watch gathering monsoon winds on old south china sea _ _ _ cool monsoon days bring borneo clouds when hornbills remember thunder _ _ _ Three haiku published with a photo in Eastlit, March 2014. Inspired by the statue of the hornbill down at Damai Central. Sarawak is known as The Land of the Hornbill. _ _ _ Fat cats with strange tails purrrrrrr over Cat City where even dogs smile. Fat Cat, has Just 13 words and was accepted for publication in print and PDF by Haunted Waters Press, From the Depths, The Space Between, Fall 2014. This was as a 'Scattered Penny' embedded in the artwork over pages 24/25. Kuching (Cat City) Kuching Cat Museum _ _ _ And now, a word from a little tree frog in the haze over Southeast Asia. Tree Frog   How do you do. I’m a tree frog. How about you, you a frog too? Where are you? I’m up a tree. How about you, up a tree too?   See the smoke. Slash and burn. Makes me choke, choke and croak. What can I do, I’m a tree frog? How about you, what can you do? Tree Frog was published together with a review in the Dagda Publishing Blog 17 March 2015.  The Air Quality today in Sarawak - Today.   _ _ _ Radio Show On the radio, in the studio. Red FM, you know the radio show. In the studio. Here in Borneo. The radio show with Jennifer Lau. Here in Borneo. Red FM, you know with Jennifer Lau on the radio. Published, Eastlit, April 2013. Read on Radio Sarawak, 2007 and 2013. _ _ _ In the Shadow of Mount Santubong An article by Colin W. Campbell with thoughts on Sarawak and MM2H. Published in print in the Sarawak Tribune, 07 Dec 2011. The Sarawak Club An illustrated article by Colin W. Campbell. Published in Eastlit Sept 2013.
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