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Copyright  Colin W Campbell A Sarawak based writer.
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Sarawak and beyond in Poetry
Collections of published poetry by Colin W. Campbell Sarawak in Poetry Borneo Sarawak Orchids Forgotten Monsoon Will Borneo clouds (haiku) When new monsoon winds (haiku) Faraway winds might (haiku) Borneo monsoon (haiku) South China Sea hears (haiku) Another tree falls (haiku) Like the mist at dawn (haiku) The Land of the Hornbill Borneo Hornbill Three Haiku and the Hornbill at Damai Central Fat Cats (13 words) Tree Frog (4 stanzas of 4 lines) Radio Show (pantoum) Santubong Santubong Haiku (10 haiku with photos) Whispers (pantoum) Dreams (pantoum) Santubong Eagle (pantoum) In the Shadow of Mount Santubong (pantoum) When long shadows bring (haiku) Damai Moon (pantoum) Batu Kawah (MJC) Skyvilla watches (haiku) In monsoon clouds (haiku) Mutiara 93250 (pantoum) Based on a True Story (flash fiction) Gold Moments (haiku with photo) Viewpoints From Skyvilla Residences (4 views with tanka/haiku) Beyond Sarawak in Poetry China Smelly Doufu is Cooking in Yunnan’s City … (unrhymed quatrain in the style of Guin Xiu) Dreams of Old Shanghai (two stanzas of 5 lines) Out of the Mist (three stanzas of 5 lines) Living Ocean (pantoum) Dreaming butterflies (haiku) Threads in Pantoums Autumn Moon (pantoum) Long-Lost Love (pantoum) The Sands of Time (pantoum) Nature Windsong (4 stanzas in 5-7-5 style) Morning Mist (5 lines) Lotus (unrhymed quatrain) Poppy (unrhymed quatrain) Rose (unrhymed quatrain) Snowdrop (unrhymed quatrain) Palm fronds now trembling (haiku) The world is at peace (haiku) Storms getting stronger (haiku) Fun Lovely Teeth (Limerick) Looking Overweight (two stanzas ABAB) Lizard Poo (pantoum) Piss Artist (pantoum) Rain falls on fishpond (haiku) Snow on distant hills (haiku in the style of William Topaz McGonagall) As these rules are fine (haiku) Sex and Violence and Old Ladies (Limerick) Mysterious moon (tanka with composition) Even zombies fear (haiku with composition Winter moon shining (haiku with composition) Scary Pantoums Reflection (pantoum) Grey Watcher (pantoum) Unseen Terror (pantoum) Memories A Dream of Peace (6 lines) Shadow on the Ground (4 stanzas ABAB) Snooker and Billiards (6 lines in rhyming couplets) Remember with thanks (haiku) Hearing Burns (2 stanzas of 4 lines in rhyming couplets) Voicesnet Newbie (Limerick) The Gentlemen of the Rotary Club of … (5 stanzas of four lines in rhyming couplets) Pebbles (5+2 lines) Evening (Pantoum) Mayfly must hurry (haiku)