NATURE     Inspired by the wonder of the world. Windsong faraway grasslands where summer horizons listen to windsong autumn wind in tall trees swaying together as they listen to windsong birds in the winter stop flying at sunset to listen to windsong breeze getting stronger sometime today we should all listen to windsong Windsong was published with an Honorable Mention in the Hidden Contest, Sol Magazine, Summer Edition, 2007. First published in Wanderings, Vol 2, Issue 7, 2006. Read on Radio Sarawak, 2007 and Yunnan University, 2012. _ _ _ Morning Mist morning mist rises wisps of another new dawn green leaves now breathing healing earth wakens from sleep warm in the light of the sun Morning Mist was published in print in Poetry Quarterly, Winter 2013 ISBN-13: 978-0615795614 and ISBN-10: 0615795617. Read on Radio Sarawak, 2009 and at Yunnan University, 2005, 2011, and 2012. _ _ _ Lotus-- Lotus flower your perfect beauty springs from muddy water that soon must take you back. Poppy-- You now stand naked in the field your petals lost and gone. And what the world can do with you, might make you shed a tear. Rose-- Proud Beauty, perfect rose. In summer, winter waits. Snowdrop-- Pretty little snowdrop, show off while you can. Beneath the melting snow the bluebells wait in line. _ _ _ Lotus, Poppy, Rose, and Snowdrop were published as a series of unrhymed quatrains with an Honorable Mention in the Competition As Flowers Bloom in Sol Magazine, Spring Edition, 2006. Read at Yunnan University, 2012. _ _ _ palm fronds now trembling do they welcome the west wind or smell winter snow Published online and in print by Haiku Journal, Issue 17, 2013. ISBN/EAN13 1492197904/9781492197904. _ _ _ the world is at peace in those precious still moments between winter storms   The world is at peace appeared embedded within Sitting Pretty, a short story published in The Straitjackets Magazine, Fall 2011. The story was first appeared when it was Cherry-picked by the Editors at ABCtales, 2009.
 Read the short story, Sitting Pretty  _ _ _ storms getting stronger windsong of old mother earth her global warning Published in a collection of nine haiku in Mouse Tales, 2012.  First published as winner of a Writers Network haiku contest, 2006. Read on Radio Sarawak, 2007 and 2013 and at Yunnan University, 2011
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