Borneo Lighter Green In modern times in Sarawak, ever-so-pretty city girls hesitated to step into the dark green jungle. Then someone said it was only rainforest. Borneo Lighter Green was published in Nailpolish Stories, A Tiny and Colorful Literary Journal, Jan 2015. Borneo Butterfly Yellow The brightest color of a butterfly fell in the eternity pool at Santubong. A special moment, rescued and free again. But a swiftlet ate it. Borneo Butterfly Yellow was published in Nailpolish Stories, A Tiny and Colorful Literary Journal, Jan 2015. FIRST TIME "This is a first for us." The twin sisters spoke in unison. They so often did things together. Just into their thirties, they were older than the usual groupies that lusted after the bass guitarist. This will be different, he thought. These girls had even booked a lakeside cabin for a long weekend and not one but two of them ... together. Oh yes, he did enjoy the perks of the rock band lifestyle. The weekend had stretched into Wednesday before the girls crept quietly away. "First time, we told him." "Oh yes, never eaten a bass guitarist before." (99 words) First Time was published in Dark Fire Fiction, Issue 57, May 2012. - - - - - - BIG BANG "Daddy, Daddy, teacher says the universe has been expanding for 13.7 billion years. So where's the big hole in the centre?" "Shut up and read your book." (27 words) Big Bang was published in Flashshot, Nov 2011. - - - - - - LIGHT SPEED "Daddy, Daddy, teacher says if we try to get a space ship or anything up to the speed of light, we can get closer and closer but never-ever-ever reach the speed of light. So how does light do the speed of light? Shut up and stop playing with the light switch. (51 words) Light Speed was published in Flashshot, Dec 2011. - - - - - - JUST ANOTHER REALITY Daddy, Daddy, teacher says quantum mechanics is so strange that everything we see might just be some sort of simulation in a virtual reality. Shut up and play your computer game. (31 words) Just Another Reality was published in Flashshot, Dec 2011. - - - - - - WISH I HADN'T COUGHED THAT UP "Heard that story going around?" "Yeah, about the androids who look just like humans and they're so well programmed they don't even know they're machines." "Might be true." "So why do you say that?" "I just coughed up some bolts and a bit of wire." (45 words) Wish I Hadn't Coughed That Up was published in Flashshot, Oct 2011. - - - - - - THE OLD MAN IN THE SEA So, this old fisherman went out with the fleet most days. Over the years he must have caught a mountain of fish. He never showed any remorse for all the blood on his hands from the harvesting of these lesser lives. All he would say was, "If you don't eat the fish, the fish will eat you." Then one day he was lost overboard. (64 words) The Old Man in the Sea was published in Flashshot, May 2011. - - - - - - BASED ON A TRUE STORY Well, young Judy next door has been putting on weight and how. So this time I opened my big mouth and said, "Judy, you're getting ever so fat. Just look at how you're waddling about these days." Perhaps it was the wrong thing to say but she didn't seem to mind. As she was leaving, she gave me one of these sweet little looks of hers as if to say, "Guess that makes two of us." Then she barked once and wagged her tail as if it didn't really matter. (90 words) Based on a True Story was published in Flashshot, Feb 2011. - - - - - - DARKEST RED SUNSET Christopher Columbus looked up and saw five Grumman Avengers heading east but he said nothing to the crew for they were already a mutinous lot. (25 words) Darkest Red Sunset was published in Nailpolish Stories, A Tiny And Colorful Literary Journal, April 2013. - - - - - - OLD BILL'S MONEY Remember old Bill?" "Yeah, dirty old man." "So, who's jealous then?" "I remember the girl from the orphanage. Young enough to be his daughter." "Still jealous?" "She got what she deserved." "You mean his money?" "Yeah, but did you hear what she did with it?" "Gave it to the orphanage. Best fundraiser they ever had." (55 words) Old Bill's Money was published in Flashshot, Oct 2011. - - - - - - BEST TREATMENT I took ill on the alien transport and asked to see the doctor. "Don't be silly," they said, "but you can see the veterinarian." (24 words) Best Treatment was published in Flashshot, Issue May 2011. First appeared, Commended in Leaf Books Competition, Anthology, Aug 2006. - - - - - - BROUGHT BACK "So, I heard you've done another of these deep-space trips." "Yeah, just back." "Is it true the girls out there tend to be, you know ... a bit well, you know?" "Yeah, but no more than me. You know what I mean." "What kind of job was it this time, salvage again?" "Yeah salvage, it sure does pay well." "Did you get the black pox?" "Yeah, but you mean the black box." "No, not really." (75 words) Brought Back was published in Flashshot, July 2011. - - - - - - HOBBY So there I was, off to yet another management seminar. They gave us the usual silly ice breaking activity. We each had to say what our hobby was. I told them I was into beard growing. It had a lot to commend it being inexpensive, relaxing, tangible result and so on. We were being assessed, so the other delegates were all rather more interested in their own presentations than anyone else's. None of them noticed I actually did not have a beard so I guess they failed to spot what my hobby really was. But the organizers noticed. (98 words) Hobby was accepted for published in Flashshot, Feb 2011.
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