MEMORIES Colin is from Scotland. _ _ _ A Dream of Peace A dream of peace. There for a moment, a thing of beauty. Then faded away like the forgotten hopes of youth. A Dream of Peace was listed in the top ten poems on writers-network in 2005 and 2006. Read on Radio Sarawak, 2009 and at Yunnan University, 2005 and 2011. also in art corner Shadow on the Ground Silent image, hugging contours with a lonely last embrace. On a journey, many hours, meeting landscapes, face to face. Hard to follow through a window, harder still to let it go. Reaching down, a final shadow on familiar ground below. Any plane might cast a shadow, little noticed on the ground. One-way ticket out of Glasgow tends to make one look around. Many others have left Scotland, gone before in years long past. Making thoughts of leaving Scotland, last and last and last and last. Shadow on the Ground was published in VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal, Issue 36, 2006. First published in Firstwriter Magazine, Issue 6, 2005. Read on Radio Sarawak, 2009 and at Yunnan University, 2005, 2011 and 2012. _ _ _ Snooker and Billiards Here's the tale I want to tell. Snooker and billiards taught me well. A misspent youth? Why not at all. For when your eye's on that last ball, you either learn to keep your head, or learn to lose the game instead. Snooker and Billiards was published in Sol Magazine, 2004. Read at Yunnan University, 2011. _ _ _ remember with thanks when the beatles were young and we trusted the banks Published in one of three haiku in Three Line Poetry, Issue 16, 2012. _ _ _ Hearing Burns Ayrshire's early childhood days hearing what the teacher says, then Burns Suppers every year, served to fashion poetry's ear. Now sitting here, so many years later and putting poetry's pen to paper to write these little poems of mine. I've really got to make them rhyme. Hearing Burns was published in Sol Magazine, 2004. Read on Radio Sarawak, 2009 and at Yunnan University, 2005. _ _ _ Voicesnet Newbie There was a young newbie from China who was just a bit of a rhymer. And he wasn't so young more old and high-strung and just full of poetic patina. VoicesNet Newbie was published in the International Poetry Competition Book, VoicesNet Anthology 9, 2004. _ _ _ The Gentlemen of the Rotary Club of Blantyre, Scotland At the Redstones, once a week if it's Thursday they'll take a seat. For good company they'll not be beat, and what's more, they sure can eat. If the Speakers' Convener remembers a speaker will then address the members. With topic worthy, or full of fun the evening's magic has begun. The Boxing Night pulls in the cash to fund the Old Folks' Christmas bash, and other things throughout the year that local folks might think so dear. But let's be clear, that once a year the gentlemen will watch and cheer. When boxing calls the members out it's not to fight but just to shout. The gentlemen of the Blantyre Rotary should take their rightful place in history. Each one, a man of many parts and certainly not a bunch of old farts. The Gentlemen of the Rotary Club of Blantyre, Scotland was published on the web-site of the Rotary Club of Blantyre, Scotland, 2004. Sadly, this club is no longer active but lives on in memory. _ _ _ Pebbles Barefoot on the shore, pebbles underfoot. I might well be humbled by these frozen echoes of an ancient world. But above my head I can see the stars. Pebbles was published in Sol Magazine, Autumn Edition, 2006. Read on Radio Sarawak, 2009 and at Yunnan University, 2012. _ _ _ Evening In the evening of the day a lonely world dreams on with thoughts of far away where all the days have gone. A lonely world dreams on as the sun sets in the west; where all the days have gone to a world that stops to rest. As the sun sets in the west with thoughts of far away to a world, that stops to rest in the evening of the day. Evening was published in the First Issue of Peeking Cat Poetry, Aug 2013. _ _ _ mayfly must hurry got so much to see and do and life is so short Published in a collection of nine haiku in Mouse Tales, 2012. Read on Sarawak Radio, 2013. _ _ _
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