FUN  Poetry made in Sarawak LOL How many monkeys? Lovely Teeth Oh listen to this poem, you precious little gem. Your smile is bright, your teeth are white. Pity you don't have more of 'em. Lovely Teeth was published in Twisted Endings, 2013. _ _ _ Looking Overweight The nurse looked up and kindly said, After watching what you ate I'm glad to see you're overweight. For you were obese before. But then I really had to ask, Does my bum look big in this? For the answer it used to bring was, yes it's big in anything. Looking Overweight was published with an Honorable Mention, When I got Dressed Competition, Sol Magazine, 2004. _ _ _ Lizard Poo When geckos come around they sneak up in the dark. With all this lizard poo the reptiles leave their mark. They sneak up in the dark, oh, what are we to do? The reptiles leave their mark just lying on the ground. Oh what are we to do with all this lizard poo? Just lying on the ground, when geckos come around. Lizard Poo was published in Eastlit, Nov 2013. First published in Pantoums From Borneo in Bewildering Stories, Issue 478 in 2012. Read on Sarawak Radio, 2013. _ _ _ Piss Artist I mark my territory, graffiti is my art. I spray calligraphy, written from the heart. Graffiti is my art a new but ancient rite. Written from the heart, a creature of the night. A new but ancient rite, I spray calligraphy. A creature of the night, I mark my territory. Piss Artist appeared embedded within Sitting Pretty, a short story published in The Straitjackets Magazine, Fall 2011. The story was first appeared when it was Cherry-picked by the Editors at ABCtales, 2009.
 Read the short story, Sitting Pretty  _ _ _ rain falls on fishpond little fish need not worry soon be warm and dry Published in a collection of nine haiku in Mouse Tales, 2012. First appeared as a Poem of the Week on ABCtales, 2005 and cherry-picked. Read on Sarawak Radio, 2013 and at Yunnan University, 2011. _ _ _ snow on distant hills embraced by the morning sun so it's no there now With thoughts of Scotland. Go on, try it with a Scottish accent. Published in a collection of nine haiku in Mouse Tales, 2012. Read on Sarawak Radio, 2013 and at Yunnan University, 2011. _ _ _ as these rules are fine I can make a haiku rhyme but just this one time First place, 5-7-5 competition, Sol Magazine, 2004. Read at Yunnan University, 2011. _ _ _ Sex and Violence and Old Ladies So most of the books in the world are bought by old ladies, we're told. Which means in the absence of sex and violence the books might never be sold. Sex and Violence and Old Ladies was published in the Electric Rather Literary Magazine, Second Issue 2013.
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