BORNEO   A lovely green island in poetry. Sarawak orchids was published in Haiku Journal, Issue 46, 2016. _ _ _ forgotten monsoon drifting beyond borneo in sarawak dreams Forgotten Monsoon was published in Haiku Journal, Issue 48, 2016. The evening photo was taken at Santubong Suites. _ _ _ will borneo clouds remember the last monsoon in forgotten dreams Published, Issue 28, Three Line Poetry, 2014. _ _ _ when new monsoon winds awaken south china sea mangroves need deep roots Published, Issue 26, Three Line Poetry, 2014. _ _ _ faraway winds might hide under borneo skies between monsoon days Published, Issue 22, Haiku Journal, 2013. _ _ _ borneo monsoon in evergreen memories when thunder returns Published, Issue 20, Haiku Journal, 2013. _ _ _ south china sea hears songs of everlasting peace between hurricanes Published, Issue 17, Haiku Journal, 2013. _ _ _ another tree falls still quiet in the forest no one there to hear Published, Mouse Tales Press, Feb 2012. _ _ _ like the mist at dawn we may stay here for a while but must soon be gone Pubished, Mouse Tales Press, Feb 2012.
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