BATU KAWAH (MJC) Photos and poetry, Kuching City, Sarawak. skyvilla watches ancient rainforests beyond its well cared poolside Published, 50 Haikus, Volume 1, Issue 2, 2014. _ _ _ in monsoon clouds long shadows from skyvilla hide from the sunset  Published in 50 Haikus, Volume 1, Issue 6, 2014. _ _ _ Mutiara 93250 A pearl of a place to be the very cream of Kuching City. So nice and posh and clean and tidy and such a lovely sight to see.  The very cream of Kuching City, all my pals in MJC. And such a lovely sight to see, especially when they visit me.  All my pals in MJC, so nice and posh and clean and tidy, especially when they visit me. A pearl of a place to be. Mutiara 93250 was published in Eastlit, April 2013. Read on Sarawak Radio, 2013.
  _ _ _
_ _ _ Viewpoints from Skyvilla Residencies Tanka and haiku with photos published in Eastlit, Jan 2015.
Based on a True Story. (Judy really lives in Mutiara, Kuching, Sarawak) Well, young Judy next door has been putting on weight and how. So this time I opened my big mouth and said, "Judy, you're getting ever so fat. Just look at how you're waddling about  these days." Perhaps it was the wrong thing to say but  she didn't seem to mind. As she was leaving, she gave me one of these sweet little looks of hers as if to say, "Guess that makes two of us." Then she barked once and wagged her tail as if it didn't really matter. end Based on a True Story was published in Flashshot, Issue 3,161, Feb 2011. Read on Sarawak Radio, March 2011. _ _ _
Gold moments in a photo/poetry accepted for publication by Eastlit, May 2015. The photo, taken from Skyvilla Residencies, caught the reflections of the sun on windows at Upper Sanctuary Apartments, MJC, Kuching, Sarawak. Probably, only possible on the same day once each year. _ _ _ And in another lucky chance, this photo caught a halo over Skyvilla Residencies in Kuching.
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